• Yunohana Bath Salts

    As the lyrics to Japan's most famous folk song say flowers bloom in hot bath water, yunohana – or hot spring flowers – also appear in Kusatsu-bushi, the chant sung while churning the hot spring waters to cool them down. Also meaning bath salts, yunohana are periodically extracted from the waters at Yubatake and sold as souvenirs. The amount of bath salts that can be extracted from the main spring in Kusatsu Onsen is limited to some 4,000 packs annually. Yunohana bath salts from Yubatake are sold at souvenir shops in Kusatsu Onsen and gift shops found in local inns and hotels.

  • Onsen Manju Sweet Cakes

    A standard Kusatsu Onsen souvenir, there are some fifteen stores in Kusatsu that sell manju sweet cakes each with their own particular characteristics. There are various types of sweet bean filing including those with bean chunks, a pureed type and green-colored uguisu peas. Since many stores have samples for tasting, shoppers can try different types before choosing their souvenir purchases.